Maximizing VoIP Call Center’s Productivity

Managing a call center profitably is all about managing your costs and resources efficiently, and maximizing interaction with live callers. The most wasteful event is when the agent is trying to get to a live caller but instead is faced by a busy lines, unanswered calls, disconnected calls or answering machines. Not only does it increase the costs of the call center but also decreases the revenues by decreasing the possibility of a potential sale.

However, using the right technology this problem can be greatly reduced. The most efficient way to maximize the productivity of call center agents is by deploying what is called a Predictive Dialer using a VoIP service provider. Predictive dialer is one of the most popular features among successful call centers. Predictive Dialer is simply an automated telephone dialing system that is designed to filter the outbound calls using an algorithm that minimizes the instances of an agent being put on a call with an answering machine or a busy line. The predictive dialer connects the agent to the call only when it is answered by a human. This greatly reduces the agents time wasted while trying to get in contact with a potential customer.

The Predictive Dialer works through Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which is an incredible technology in itself. VoIP is basically a system that uses both hardware and software to make and receive calls over the internet and exchange multimedia as well. It works as replacement of the traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and makes use of internet instead, which is why it is also known as internet telephony. It provides a very high quality and stable connection as well. There are rarely any instances of dropped calls or poor sound quality. The call is routed through various service providers before it finally reaches the desired receiver, this process is called VoIP voice termination, and it happens without any lag.

Being a technologically advanced system, VoIP has several advantages over the conventional telephone networks. The first and the biggest advantage is clearly the incredible cost saving. Calls to the same VoIP providers are always free, and the charges for other calls are also comparatively very low. Additionally, since it is a technologically advanced system it is very feature-rich. It offers all the standard features that the conventional telephone service providers offer and it also supports older technologies such as fax. Additionally, it is a very portable system. All you need is an active internet connection and you can use the services of your VoIP provider wherever you are in the world.

Combining all these advantages of a VoIP system with the efficiency of a VoIP Predictive Dialer, it makes for the perfect model for any call center business. It dramatically increases the output of the company while keeping the costs to a minimum. Moreover, there are a number of VoIP service providers out there, each offering slightly different features, so you can always find a service provider that suits your needs in an optimal manner.